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It's time to get rid of the tire-kickers who waste your time and money. Now you can focus on filling your pipeline with qualified leads to close.


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Why Do I Need A Chatbot?

Adding a chatbot to your marketing plan will help you close more deals and better service your clients.  And we make it super simple to deploy one without the technical skills needed to build one.  It is plug & play and expandable for the future.

Stay in front of the curve and don't get left behind as more of your clients are using messenger to communicate, as well as other real estate agents are starting to deploy their chatbot in your market.

Automate your lead generation process while you sleep and work. Better qualify your leads to properly nurture and close them with Chatbots 🤖!

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Can I Use This For Buyers & Sellers?

Sure can!

Because we are licensed real estate agents ourselves, we understand that you need to work with Buyers and Sellers, so we built a Buyer Flow, a Seller Flow, and a Buyer & Seller Flow.

Good luck finding another template online for real estate agents that provide that. 😀

  • Built for Buyers - Qualify buyers and know information about what they are looking for before contacting them. The chatbot will help to know who's ready to go, who may need more nurturing, and who may be tire kickers.
  • Built for Sellers - Qualify sellers and obtain their home information so that you are ready to provide them with answers to how you can sell and market their home before contacting them. The chatbot will help to know who's ready to go, who may need more nurturing, and who may be tire kickers.
  • Built For Buyer & Sellers - For leads who are looking to sell their existing home and buy a new one, our template will handle both in a smooth way.

Will It Be Difficult?

Absolutely not!

We make it super simple because we understand that as a real estate agent, your time is best used servicing your clients.  All you have to do is install the template and update the Bot Fields we have set up for you.

So that means that you don't have to go through the bot and update information in your flows to update with your business information.  We created variables so that you only need to update them in one place that populates throughout your entire bot.  So if any of your details change, update the custom field(s) and that's it!

Even if you add more flows, you already have the fields setup for you which will save you hours upon hours of time.

No other bot template is doing that for you.

This is bot building smarter. (But if you would feel more comfortable for us to install it, we can assist with that as well)

  • Very Easy to install - There are 2 main steps and you are off and running. Install the template, then update the Custom Fields to customize the chatbot for your business.
  • Build better Facebook Ads - Direct your Facebook Ads to your chatbot easily when using the objectives that use Facebook Messenger and with the FREE RefURL Growth Tool we included, use for ads using a destination URL.
  • Ready In 10 minutes - Have your new Chatbot up and running in less than 10 minutes! So have your chatbot up and running the same day you install it.

What's Included?

- Custom Default Reply you can copy

- Plug and Play install to be up and running in less than 10 minutes - Keywords for unsubscribing and subscribing

- Custom rules that make the template very 'Plug and Play'

- We have included two 8 week nurturing sequences for your Buyers and Sellers are subscribed to after going through your flow that you can fill in with your nurturing content (Let us know if you need us to add the content in for you)

- A Growth Tool Ref URL so you can use your chatbot to post a link directly to your chatbot

- Buyer, Seller, Buyer/Seller Flows

- Admin notifications as soon as a person goes through your chatbot with their name, email and phone number

- Built to be expandable. Add on to your chatbot for Lead Magnet Flows & sequences as well as custom flows & sequences.

So How Much Does It Cost?

For a one-time payment of $249 for a limited time (Originally $599), you will get a fully built chatbot that's built for real estate agents built by real estate agents you can install on ManyChat Pro Account.

We are also saving you hours, days, and maybe weeks of work by:

1. Building out Flows

2. Setting up 'Plug and Play' Custom Fields

3. Setting up messages

4. Connecting all the pieces together


2 General Flows

1 Growth Tool

2 Keywords

2 Sequences

11 Flows

1 Rule

(A Value of $1850 / 87% off full value price)

Yes! I want to get my lead qualifying chatbot template...

Get My Bot!


* You will need to get a ManyChat Pro Account ($10 per month) to take advantage of this template. And also have a Facebook Business Page to connect your chatbot to.


** We are not affiliated with ManyChat in anyway besides building chatbots on their platform.